The Beatitudes Project – Interview with Stu G.

From Volume 1, Issue 3, 2017


Stu G, formerly of the UK Christian band, Delirious?, shares with us his decade long passion.

Stu opens his heart and experiences as he developed “The Beatitudes Project,” a

collaborative album, book and documentary movie. Read on about the project and all the

great talent, including Stu, that are part of this inspiring adventure.


EOF: Stu, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. How are you today?


Stu G: Thank you. I am really well. I am in Lancaster, Pennsylvania right now on tour with Michael W.

Smith so having a good time.


What we are here to talk about today is the Beatitudes project. But before we really get

started on that, though, I think the readers would like to learn a little bit about you first.

Could you tell us when it was you first decided to play music to the glory of God and who

some of your early influences were?


I started to play drums when I was twelve or so, and I did that for two or three years. But then when I

got my first job at sixteen I had a little bit of money in my pocket and I went down to the local record

store and I heard, for the first time, Queen: Live Killers and from the moment that I heard the opening

track of that record, I wanted to be Brian May. I went home and sold my drum kit, bought a guitar and

learned to play some Queen songs. That was when I started to play the guitar and when I thought, “Oh,

I’m so in love with music, I want to do this for the rest of my life.”

At the time, I was an apprentice electrician so I worked as an electrician for about seven years. In the

meantime, I was playing music in a few local bands and what have you. To answer your question, one of

my early influences was Brian May from Queen. And all the music I was listening to like Dave Gilmore

of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rush and then going to sort of the “new wave” kind of music like The Police,

U2 and The Clash; people like that. I went to a concert in London when I was nineteen or twenty and it

was Phil Keaggy. Both my wife and I decided we wanted to follow Jesus at that event. Really Phil Keaggy

was a massive influence as a guitar player, but also just a genuinely nice, amazing guy. So that was a big

step along the journey of making music for God. And then we lived in London for a little while after that

and I learned to do the church worship thing and I learned how to lead worship; I was kind of getting

discipled along the way. So that was that. A little while after that I got connected with a worship leader

in the U.K. called Norah Richards, and someone from the States called Kevin Prosch and played with

those guys and that really sort of steered me in the direction of making music that helped people in a

worship context and connect with the Lord and stuff like that. Through those guys I ended up meeting

Martin Smith from the south coast of England who had this youth event going on called Cutting

Edge. I ended up connecting with them and moving down there. This was the early 90’s and that’s were

Delirious? came from. In a nutshell, that’s my journey in music there.


Speaking of a journey, the Beatitudes; that has been something like fifteen years on your

mind and in the making. That’s a little while, so it’s pretty cool that it’s coming together

now. Maybe you could tell us a little about this project and its inspiration?

Michael Smith and Stu G.


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